You Can Feel Better – Post-Chemo Neuropathy

Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer, but never, ever, did the topic of neuropathy make my list of writing ideas – yet here we are. And I’m so excited to tell you what I’ve learned over the last three years from my experience with this dreadful issue.

When I first got my breast cancer diagnosis, the case worker talked to me about chemotherapy and the side effects, blah, blah, blah. The only thing I cared about at this point was starting the chemo and having surgery. I wanted the cancer out of my body the quickest way possible, as soon as possible.

And that’s what we did.

After three months of chemotherapy, at my last Taxol treatment, the neuropathy was intense. I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my fingers, hands, and feet. It was difficult to walk at times. I had to stop exercising, and standing for longer than a few minutes was impossible. My oncologist said it could go away or lessen, but it could also have lasting effects.

By the end of my first cancer-free year, the neuropathy had lessened a bit, but the pain and numbness were still present every day. The nerve damage was lasting and I had accepted that this was just going to be my life. At 40, I wore my thick-soled sneakers and gave myself a little extra time to stand and get up in the morning. I didn’t like it, but I told myself I should be thankful to be alive; this would just be another scar I would carry.

Returning to “normal” life after surviving cancer is hard! While I was going through my chemo treatments and surgeries and radiation, you could tell I was sick. People treated me with extra compassion. One year post-chemo, I looked pretty much normal and healthy. So, people treated me that way. My family expected me to be able to do all things that I did pre-cancer, like sports, long road trips, and hiking. My community was ready for me to get back to volunteering and coaching. My career was calling me back to presentations and 12-hour-days.

Although I looked healthy, I was not! I was alive, but I was not healthy. My bloodwork levels looked great, but my emotional stability was absolutely unlevel. I didn’t know what to do. I just conceded that this would be life – happy to be alive, but mildly depressed with a consistent pain level of 5-6. #blessed

As many of you may know that are reading this post, neuropathy was only one of the issues chemo had left me with. I also had osteopenia, weight gain, severe brain fog, and some depressive symptoms that I really didn’t want to admit.

I finally found some relief when I started using all-natural, plant-based supplements and vitamins. Although I was eating good things, it wasn’t enough for my body. And the gummy vitamins weren’t cutting it anymore.

Two products that have helped the neuropathy and joint pain have been organic sulfur and mangosteen juice. Organic sulfur taken twice a day, along with mangosteen juice, has been a gamechanger for me. I also use other products that help with brain fog, mood, and energy.

I actually just spent 14 hours walking around NYC! I never thought I would be able to do that due to the neuropathy and pain in my feet. But I did! I can also get out bed and go up and down stairs easier.

I encourage you to find your solution. That’s why you have spent the last three minutes reading a blog post about NEUROPATHY! LOL! You are looking for help. Check out the links below and keep reading.

If you would like to learn more about organic sulfur, click HERE and to learn more about the super fruit mangosteen, click HERE. As always, consult your doctor before beginning any new products.

I also encourage you to check out the other product packs below. My entire family has benefited from using these all-natural products.

Core Complete Pack

Reset Plus Pack

Ultimate Detox Pack

Blessings for you and yours!


1 thought on “You Can Feel Better – Post-Chemo Neuropathy

  1. You continue to be a blessing! I am so glad you have found some relief from your discomfort. God is indeed good!


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