Your Blessing Will Come Through the Hand of Another

Your blessing will come through the hand of another.

This message has burned in my heart for months. I continue to hear this – your blessing may come through the hand of another; be open and ready to receive.

For Naomi, her blessing came through the hand of another. Ruth clung to her, walked with her as she grieved, fed her and had a son the Bible proclaims as Naomi’s. It was through Ruth that Naomi found redemption. Naomi’s blessing came through the hand of Ruth.

Naomi had been the mother and provider and protector of her family. She had been a single mom with two boys. She had been the matriarch, but now, it was no longer her hands that needed to glean the field. She was moving into a different season. She was now needed for mentoring and strategy, instead of working the fields.

Some people would have met this transition with pride or ego and refused to be fed by another. “I have always worked the field and I will continue to work the field. I can take care of myself.” She could have met it with shame or embarrassment and refused the help. She could have felt like a burden, but eventually, after refusing Ruth three times, she transitioned into the next phase of their relationship.

For some of us, we are being called into a transition. Ruth is ready to work the field if we will be willing to support and encourage her. Your blessing will come through the hand of another. Don’t refuse it. Do your part and seek the counsel and wisdom of the Lord for the strategy. You can pray for your Ruth. You can share your stories and lessons with her. You can allow her to be your Ruth.

If you don’t have a Ruth, pray for her. Ask God to bring the two of you together. If you need a Naomi, pray for the same. This female relationship is so important. We need each other. If you have your Ruth, seek God’s will for her life. Provide intercession for her. Stand before the Judge and provide your testimony as a witness for her purpose. Your prayers will open doors for her future, and yours.

Just like Naomi, you will receive guidance for her. You will receive divine words and direction for her. Be willing to share your testimonies and lessons from your time in the field that might keep her from making similar mistakes. Tell her the methods you used so that her work would be made light, so that she can advance. Your ceiling will be her floor. Don’t let shame or embarrassment hold you back from using your stories to reveal truth to her.

The relationship between Naomi and Ruth would never have worked if Naomi had not allowed it. Naomi allowed Ruth to feed her. She humbled herself. She transitioned. She placed her ego aside and saw the bigger picture. Your Ruth is waiting to take her position. Invite her to the table.

This story would also not have happened if Ruth had not been so obedient and humble. You may be a Ruth, being called to feed another. You may feel the Lord leading you into a field to glean. You may feel led to walk with someone as they grieve or listen as someone shares their story with you.
It is possible to be Ruth in one area of your life and Naomi in another, and even Boaz in yet another.

Boaz provided the blessings, the provision, the field, the future, the seed. He was the answer to their prayers. How wonderful it is to be the answer to someone’s prayer.

Your blessing will come through the hand of another – be open. Undoubtedly, you will also be the hand that delivers a blessing to another – be willing. And in all things, to God be the glory!

2 thoughts on “Your Blessing Will Come Through the Hand of Another

  1. I love this! You make things so easy to understand. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad it made sense to you.

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