I Took Way Too Many Steroids

I want to share some silliness with you.

I have discovered, thanks to cancer, that laughter can really be great medicine. It’s great for the one that is sick, but it’s also great for all those that are supporting the patient. If it wasn’t for the laughs, the inappropriate jokes, the silliness that has accompanied the dark, sad times, I’m not sure I would have fared so well. The ability to laugh at myself, and more importantly, allowing others to laugh with me, has brought such gifts.

Saying yes to being real

I have always been such a serious person. The way people perceive me has also always been important to me. I just wanted to be stable and have it all together. I wanted to have the answers and be someone people could trust. I wanted others to think well of me. I didn’t want to seem foolish or disheveled or crazy, even though I felt it!

But the truth is, giving space for my silly to live, allowing my crazy to show itself, actually brought stability. I have learned the more real I am, as in showing all sides of myself and not just the filtered, leads to me becoming more real. When I say yes to all of my parts, I become more whole. Instead of fake it till you make it, what about just saying yes to the emotions that are there. If I’m sad, I cry. If I feel ridiculous, I might laugh. When I feel angry, I might … clean.

If I can laugh at my circumstances, others will laugh with me. Laughing doesn’t mean I don’t value the heaviness of the situation. It simply means I am tired of crying all the time. It means I can see the other ironic, juxtapose side of the situation. It means laughing helps me, and it can help you too.

Connecting and healing through our laughter

When we can laugh at our own misery, it allows others to connect with us. It’s hard to connect with someone as they walk through the valley. It’s hard to know how to help. But when we can laugh, its like putting out the welcome mat for others to join us. Laughter brings connection, and connection brings healing. Suffering can be very isolating. I believe trying to laugh is like a balm for the soul.

To be able to find the silly, the ironic, the laughable moments, in the valley, is something you have to intentionally practice. But what healing they are for a heavy heart. I want to share with you some funnies, some anecdotes, I have collected from my valley. I hope you laugh!

My very first chemotherapy treatment. Most chemo days I was in the chair for about eight hours. This video came at about hour three.
This was also my first time ever taking steroids! The high was high, the low was low.
I sent so many texts and emails that day! I scheduled meetings, planned parties, shopped. Then, I spent the next day cancelling meetings and parties and orders.
I’m still planning a Botox party!
My poor husband. Shane has been with me every step.
Just a little realness. A little perspective.

Thanks for laughing with me! Be brave and share your silly moments too. Let’s all have a good laugh together!

To God be the Glory!


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